Sunday, December 30, 2012

IT Conversations - Goodbye

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Don't recall exactly when, but somewhere in 2003 I bought my first mp3 player (*). One of the triggers were the pod casts of ITConversations. When ITConversations began publishing recordings of OReilly and other conferences, the podcasts were really a joy to listen to.  Maybe not the best pod cast, but one pod cast I recall (**) very well is "The Art of Innovation" by Guy Kawasaki.

The IT Conversations Network was a network of volunteers doing all the interviews, recording, audio processing and publishing. They have decided to stop all activities end of 2012.

The founder of IT Conversations - Doug Kaye - is a really interesting person: journalist, producer, author, photographer and more.  Take a look at his photographs here. His last book -
"Loosely Coupled: The Missing Pieces of Web Services" - was one of the first books in electronic format that I bought.

Many thanks to the whole IT Conversations team!!!

(*) That first mp3 player ended up in the washing machine, followed by many more.  After some time I switched from ear phones to an in-car FM transmitter.  But with built-in Bluetooth and the Listen pod catcher (on Android), these days are luckily over.

(**) There were also pod casts that went much broader than IT: one was the podcast on DayJet about how Edward Iacobucci - co-founder of Citrix - would be launching a new model for flying, whereby flights are dynamically scheduled based on demand.

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