Friday, May 11, 2012

Dennis Attinger

Today I had to say goodbye to a very good friend of mine, Dennis Attinger.  Dennis was an enterprise and integration architect at Philips.  Through my partner Luc Gevaert, I got in touch with Dennis.  As the program manager for application integration at Philips Corporate IT, Dennis took up the challenge to come up with a cross-division integration solution.  Main customer was the Corporate Treasury department who wanted to streamline the management of assets and funds.  I really had fun working on this "PAIS" project from 2001 until 2004.  Java, JMS messaging, Tibco RV connectivity, MQ connectivity, file polling, message level security, LDAP as a distributed configuration repository etc.

Dennis was really visionary regarding technology.  He was one of the drivers to introduce Tibco at Philips.  He drove the use of JMS messaging with distributed agents to exchange the payment messages.  He was the one to seriously consider ebXML as an option for B2B and internal integration (divisions talking to one another is also B2B)

I remember Dennis as a very good friend.  Every year we got together: Frank, Stephan, Xander and myself.  Below a picture of Dennis and myself at JavaOne 2003 in San Francisco.

Dennis, goodbye!  I wish Dennis's family good strength in these difficult times.