Saturday, September 6, 2014

Background pictures on Windows 8.1

I've been searching for (royalty) free screen savers with art photos such as Magnum or Getty image. But haven't found any yet. During a meeting with Lhoist employees, I noticed the beautiful screen saver they had. The beautiful imagery was coming from the Lhoist collection and its screen savers. Something to be jealous of.

With my new high-res Windows 8.1 laptop (3200 x 1800), I also wanted to enjoy some nice pictures. For now I've settled for the daily images from Bing. After some experiments, I've settled for 2 applications to get them on my laptop.

First is Chameleon which I use to set the Windows lock screen.

Second app is Bing Desktop that I use for setting the desktop background.

Will stay on the outlook for ways to get art photos on the lock screen and desktop.

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