Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Laptop upgrade

Just replaced the hard disk of my laptop with a SSD.  While looking a bit around between at all these different brands and types, I went for the Samsung 840 of 250GB at 142€.  The Intel 330 was the runner up.

Because I wanted to replace my HDD, I particularly looked into positive reviews of the migration software. (Intel Data Migration and Samsung Data Migration Tool) The migration itself went very smooth.  Used a USB-to-SATA cable from a friend. Results: much faster boot time, more responsive laptop, less noise and battery that lasts longer.

One thing was very badly documented: how to enable the built-in drive encryption (AES).  It was simply a matter of going into the BIOS.

Why are so few laptops provided with an SSD instead of an HDD?
Big exception of course being Apple.

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