Saturday, July 25, 2009

VMWare on EC2: nope

Out of curiosity, I had a quick try to see if VMWare can run on EC2. Before terminating the Win2003 (32 bit) server I had running on EC2, I installed VMWare client on it and launched image with it: got a nice error message telling that VMWare is not compatible with Xen hypervisor used by Amazon EC2.

Had a 2nd try with the open source VirtualBox (from Sun). When I launched a virtual machine in VirtualBox (install CentOS from ISO image), the whole EC2 image came to a halt. No problem, I was done with it anyway.

Lesson learned: running virtualization solution on EC2 doesn't seem to work

Note: it should be possbile to convert VMDK to AMI using QEMU

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katetem的博客 said...

I'd openvz on my CentOS server by this arctic: