Monday, July 20, 2009

Java Message Service - 2nd edition

JMS or Java Message Service is the basis and standard API for asynchronous, reliable messaging.

After 10 years, a new (2nd) edition of the book "Java Message Service" was recently published. Mark Richards reworked the original edition by David Chappell (ex-Sonic, now Oracle) and Richard Manson-Haefel.

Having just skimmed through the book, it did look very intersting. Obviously an extensive treatment of the API (and thus specification). But nice to see code samples based on ActiveMQ, some explanation of character encoding, use of non-JMS clients (.Net, C++), dynamic vs. administered queues, message driven beans (MDB) and Spring and Security.

Some topics that did not seem to be addressed:SOAP over JMS, REST-like access tot JMS providers, persistence mechanisms (database or file based),

Messaging solutions are still the core backbone for many ESB's and integration solutions. The JMS API remains the standard abstration layer for both Java (ActiveMQ, SonicMQ, OpenMQ, Fiorano) and non-Java based messaging (Tibco , WebSphereMQ, SoftwareAG WebMethods, Oracle AQ) solutions.

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