Sunday, December 14, 2008

Devoxx 2008

Last week I was at the Devoxx conference in Antwerp. Just 20 kms from where I live and the city where I grew up. Being one of the steering members, I gave a hand here and there and was involved in selecting the talks, in particular regarding SOA and security. I really enjoyed the conference, some of my highlights:
  • Logo: simply love it
  • Venue: the Metropolis movie theater is a really nice location and the the logo on these big screens looks soooo nice; the seats are just a bit too comfortable: my eyes seem to close automagically
  • The team: I really had fun times this week with Frederik, Sven, ValĂ©rie, Jo, Stijn, Stephan, Gert, Dan, ...
  • DataPower: the IBM partner talk had obviously some commercial aspect, but some insight on XML threats and the idea of an 'ESB in hardware' were simply awesome
  • Paul Fremantle's talk on complex event processing and the conversation afterwards, e.g. on AMQP and the "unreliability of WS-ReliableMessaging" (Paul is the WS-RX spec lead)
  • XSLT 2.0 by Doug Tidwell: XML remains relevant and Dough can bring his story in such a funny way (thanks Robin for arranging this)
  • REST talk by Stefan Tilkov: although I have a more biased view on the REST and WS-* story, Stefan brings his message so well
And so much more: JAX-RS talk, OpenMQ, XML Persistence by John Davies and meeting Mr Ivar Jacobson at the Devoxx reception desk.

Already looking forward to Devoxx 2009! And thinking about new topics and speakers in the SOA/security area for 2009: Smooks, more cloud computing, new ESB features, BPM and BPEL (BPELScript?), design- and runtime governance of services, Master Data Management, new XML stuff, claims based security, trusted computing, ... Any suggestions?

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Jonathan Crow said...


Are you in contact with Ulrich Lang of Object Security? They have a great tool that takes a business process map, and creates authentication rules based on the steps within the process and deploys them on the appropriate app servers.

This video gives a better idea of what they do.

Of course my view of them may be a little biased since they use Intalio's (the company I work for) Designer for the process map. But, I think it is unique on the market and has huge benefits for easing the tangled spaghetti network of the enterprise infrastructure.