Sunday, November 23, 2008

Microsoft ESB and WS mediation

In this post, I'll cover the 2nd question that I raised in my previous post: "where to do transformations (and routing, monitoring, ...) of the web service interactions?" When a consumer and service use different service defintions, how to transform between both in a Microsoft world? Or re-phrased: where is the Microsoft EBS to mediate synchronous, request/response web services?

When searching on "Microsoft ESB", one quickly ends up at Enterprise Service Bus Guidance. This is not a real product but documentation and components developed by Microsoft's Architecture team. As BizTalk is a hub-and-spoke integration solution that persists every incoming message in it's MessageStore, BizTalk isn't really suitable to be an intermediary for synchronous, request/response service invocations. As such, BizTalk lacks crucial features to be called an ESB, although it remains a nice integration solution.

With no Microsoft ESB available, what are the options?
  • Java based ESB: commercial (WebSphereESB, AquaLogic/OracleESB, Tibco BusinessWorks/ActiveMatrix, SoftwareAG, JCAPS/OpenESB) or open source (Synapse, WSO2 ESB)
  • Runtime governance tools such as Amberpoint that are also capable of doing transformations. Microsoft has SOA Governance integration with Amberpoint and SOA Software.
  • XML appliances

But none of these options are really appealing to the average Microsoft shop. If there is full access to the .net source code at one side (consumer or provider), some custom transformation logic can be added. But there doesn't seem to be any clear hooks for transformation in WCF.

Note: Microsoft's new cloud computing - Azure - specifies an Enterprise Service Bus in its .Net Services. The preliminary documentation of the Microsoft .Net Service Bus talks about naming, different types of RelayBindings and security. But transformation and routing of messages isn't covered (yet).

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James Webster said...

Possibly you have since discovered this product, but there is a .Net ESB from Neudesic called Neuron ESB. Very much a commercial product with no downloadable evaluation.