Sunday, October 5, 2008

Password renewal in adapters

ESB's use adapters to connect to all sorts of systems: back-end applications, databases, queueing systems, (S)FTP(S) servers, Web Services, HTTP(S) servers or B2B counterparts. The ESB usually uses a technical user account to connect to these systems. Unless the real identity of a human user is carried along to the back end systems (identity propagation).

Larger organizations enforce password change policies. But changing the password with which such technical user connects to one of these other systems is a tough task. The password change in the target system and the ESB need to happen at the same time. And to avoid any problems or disturbing the business, this usually means late at night or in the middle of weekend (when the system goes down for scheduled maintenance).

It would be nice that adapters would provide support for such password changes. One option would be to pre-configure a new password and the datetime from which it should be applied. Another alternative is the configuration of 2 or 3 passwords. If the 'current' password doesn't work, try the other (newer) ones.

PS: similar problem is the changeover of encryption keys

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