Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oracle in the cloud

While stuck in Belgian traffic jams, I listen a lot to podcasts. One such podcast is the "Oracle Technology Network Techcasts". One of the latest podcasts - recorded at OracleWorld - was about Oracle and "the cloud". Interesting to learn that Oracle products will become available on Amazon's cloud computing infstructure. So Oracle will officially support deployments of its database on EC2. Oracle also makes available pre-configured Amazon Machine Images (AMI) containing the Oracle database.

But more interesting to me was the announcement that Oracle is also making available its Fusion middleware in the cloud. That should mean that it becomes possible to run Oracle's SOA suite, the Oracle BPEL engine or the Oracle B2B server in the cloud!

When checking out the list of AMI's that Oracle makes available, no Fusion middleware yet. Looking forward to get more detailed information about Oracle middleware in the cloud.

Final note: next to Linux, Amazon will also start providing Windows images (virtual machines)

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