Monday, November 5, 2012

Virtulization: from VWare to KVM and Red Hat

To better understand the capabilities of on-premise virtualization, I've been reading the book Mastering VMWare vSphere5 last summer.  It is really amazing how this world of virtualization evolves: what surprised me most was the support for Virtual Networks.  But still need to learn about how virtualization can help arrange high availability.

On the train from Brussels to home, listened to a reasonably good interview on Floss Weekly with KVM developers at Red Hat.  Learned about the competition going on with virtualization performance.  For on-premise virtualization solutions, names like VMWare and Microsoft HyperV ring a bell.  But I was completely unaware of the Redhat virtualization offering.

Note: in the cloud world, Amazon uses XenOpenStack primarily used KVM

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