Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hadoop for spying you?

Just watched the Youtube video "Introducing Apache Hadoop: The Modern Data Operating System".  Interesting presentation given by Amr Awadallah of Cloudera at Stanford University.

During the Q&A round, Mr Awadallah referred to one of their customers - Skyboximaging - that is setting up a large scale Hadoop infrastructure.  Skyboximaging will be launching small, low cost satellites that can monitor all sorts of things happening on the ground, so to provide up-to-date information - HD Video and photographs - about how things look on the ground.

This up-to-date information can be used for all sorts of purposes.  But Mr Awdallah also referred to some nice use cases: how many cars are on the parking lot of your competitor, what is being loaded into trucks.  "Everything you can see from the key is public".  And Hadoop will be used to process these large volumes of data, so help the spying!

Slide from a presentation given at Hadoop world in 2011.

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