Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cloud News: NAS as a service

Listened to an interesting edition of the Cloud Computing Show about storage in the cloud. Not storage that is accessed through a proprietary API such as Amazon S3, RackSpace CloudFiles or the new EMC Atmos Online Storage Server. But NAS, with direct NFS and CIFS access to large volumes of data storage in the cloud! Some sort of NetApp, but in the cloud with multi-tenancy support. The (interesting) people interviewed were from a company called Zetta. I had never heard about "NAS in the cloud" nor Zetta. Zetta is a new player with an interesting offering that even allows to integrate with a corporate LDAP.

There seem to be more "NAS in the cloud" offerings, e.g. Nirvanix. And also IBM is starting to have a public cloud offering, including storage: IBM is IBM is entering the game with Smart Business Storage Cloud.

Note: direct access to GoGrid Cloud Storage seems possible as well, but is still a bit unclear to me

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