Sunday, May 3, 2009

Microsoft DCS & BitzTalk adapter pack

Just as the BizTalk services evolved into Azure cloud offering, Microsoft seems to be brewing something else as well. As part of their Customer Care Framework, Microsoft delivers the Distributed Connectivity Services (DCS). This underlying layer seems pretty fundamental. If I understand well, (web) services are discovered and invoked dynamically. No UDDI , but WS-MetaDataExchange. Don't have the full picture yet, but looks very interesting...

Something else I learned on the Microsoft side is the BizTalk adapter pack. The new BizTalk adapters are WCF enabled and can be invoked as WCF services. So from a .Net program perspective, everything looks like standard services. Makes me think a bit of WSIF in the Java/open-source world. Biztalk adapters will gradually migrate to this new architecture. This allows these adapters to be used both with and without the BizTalk server.

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