Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ethernet over powerline

The house I live in has quite some steel and concrete. This causes the Wifi connection upstairs to drop often and there is also some latency. Therefore I started digging around for a solution. A good friend of mine suggested the use of Ethernet over powerline, so use the electricity circuits in your home for transporting bits and bytes at high speeds. The maximum speed is currently 200 Mbit, which results in real throughput of maximum 50 to 60 Mbit. There are 2 camps: Homeplug AV with Intellon chipset and UPA with DSS9010 chipset from DS2. My good friend strongly recommended the 2nd option.

I bought a set of 2 powerline adapters from D-Link for 150 EUR, just plugged them in and voilĂ . The adapters work fine with latency below 4 ms and very stable connectivity.

For the security aware: Homeplug AV uses AES encryption and my UPA solution only uses 3DES. I don't know if and from what distance neighbors could try to break into this network connection.

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