Saturday, May 17, 2008

The future of XML - great article

Ran into a great article by Elliot Rusty Harold: "The future of XML". Good to be reminded that XML was meant for publishing. Its use for remote procedure calls and object serialization was indeed not envisioned at its design time. And very nice to get a view on the future evolution of XML.

To me personally, the lack of good XML building blocks to define messages remains an important challenge. With XML being the alphabet, now we need a language on top, or at least some consensus. Message standards such as GS1, RosettaNet or UBL don't seem to be strong enough.

Back in 2001, I gave the talk "Understanding SOAP" at XML DevCon in London. I remember being at the speakers table with Elliot. As I was only an XML beginner, I didn't do much of the talking ;-)

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