Monday, August 20, 2007

Holiday = time to read SOA book

While on holiday; I took along of copy of “Understanding Enterprise SOA ” by Eric Pulier and Hugh Taylor. The book uses the merger of 2 insurance companies as a background setting to explain the use of Service Oriented Architecture. The story of the different architects in the insurance companies with the author as the external consultant reads very fluently. By the way, the use of SOA also means the use of Web Services technology. So the fundamental WS technologies are explained in an open manner with some “Savvy Manager Cautions”.

Although the book is well written, I cannot recommend it. One thing I fundamentally disagree is to put integration (EAI) technology aside as an “old” technology. 1st of all, the world is not web services alone: file transfer, async. processing, connectivity to databases and back-end applications, support for B2B protocols all require the use of integration tools such as Enterprise Services Buses or Message Brokers.

The author Eric Pullier is Chairman of SOA Software . The name SOA Software pops up here and there as a vendor of WS mediation solutions. E.g. SOA Software acquired Blue Titan . But I haven’t encountered SOA Software here in Europe. Having no technical documentation available online, it’s hard to tell what their products actually cover.

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